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    2016-08-12 16:36:52 Read

    After the car surface by spraying, may appear coarse, fine defects sanding marks, flow marks, anti-white, orange peel and other film surface, in order to compensate for these shortcomings, usually after spraying grinding polished to enhance the film mirror effect, to bright, smooth, gorgeous requirements. Here we look at the construction and operation precautions polishing machine.

    Polishing machine operation key is to try to get the maximum polishing rate, in order to remove a damaged layer generated during polishing as soon as possible. But also the polishing damage layer does not affect the final observed organization, the organization will not cause false. The former requires the use of coarse abrasive, in order to ensure a greater polishing rate to remove the damaged layer of polish, but also deep polishing damage layer; the latter requires the use of the finest materials, the polishing damage layer shallow, but polishing low rate. The best way to resolve this contradiction is to polishing in two stages. Rough polishing purpose is to remove polishing damage layer, this stage should have a maximum rate of polishing, surface rough polishing damage is the formation of secondary consideration, but should also be as small as possible; followed by fine polishing (or final polishing), its purpose is to remove the surface damage produced by rough polishing, the polishing damage is minimized.

    Polishing machine simple structure, still used correctly and do routine maintenance, use should pay attention to the following points. Polishing machine continuous long working hours, polishing roller friction and heat, high temperature, easy to burn the leather surface, you need to cool before operating. Before and after work, clean the roller surface polishing and waxing to keep the roll surface clean and smooth. In use, the control suitable feed roll pressure in order to avoid too much resistance, electrical heating easy to burn. Carry out all rotating parts of the transmission chain lubrication, maintaining accurate and reliable transmission.

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